Presented by Csaba Bollok


Salvatore Insana | 2021 | 09:40 | Italy | Super 8

Can the search for happiness be anything other than the search for balance?

In order to think and study about happiness, I chose to make my film by going through and re-elaborating the "home movies" of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, dated between 1938 and 1944, images of a private life, far from the clamor of the war and rich in moments of family joy, those that the "intimate circle" of the German dictator and his companion spent in the mountain refuge-house of Berghof or in the various trips around Europe.


Alexander Fingrutd | 2019 | 02:31 | USA | 16mm

This film was hand processed, shot on 16mm film, and created using a masking technique and appropriated images. The nine equal parts reference the Pound Symbol on a telephone keypad. Here, it is used as a symbol for connection. We are connected to more than what is immediately around ourselves: to each other, the planet, and the farthest galaxies. What distant things are having an effect on us and what are we non-visibly affecting? The similarities between these connections are represented through overlapping images. It shows a change in perspective, going from the individual singular self, to a view where there is no divide between self and other. It brings us to a cosmic, all-encompassing view, divided in space and tied together through telephone wire.


Vito A.Rowlands | 2020 | 04:00 | Belgium | 35mm

A young woman laments the loss of her innocence and mourns her lover as Europe is ravaged by war in the summer of 1914.

"Entre Les Images" is a found footage film composed of preserved 35mm nitrate film frames from over 100 silent films, a large number of them irrevocably lost or only partially preserved, with nothing to mark their presence outside of these majestic few frames. As a whole, they represent the hopes, dreams, and promises of tumultuous times that left their scars on its media, perpetuating life and death between every frame.


Mathilde Magnée | 2020 | 12:46 | New Zealand | photography

Lull is about an hushed escapade, a slow travel. The artist Mathilde Magnée combined her passion for horses and the great outdoors and set out on adventure. Over the course of two long summers she trekked over more than 1000 km on ex race horses giving them a new out look at life. A photographer from France stepping into foreign territory; the wilderness of the Canterbury and Marlborough regions. A stranger to the land and to the people, she passed through small towns to high country stations. She got lost in the moments of living and let the sun and the moon illuminate her path.


Justin Brown, Kamila Calabrese, Vera Hector | 2021 | 04:55 | USA | Super 8

An exquisite corpse film/poetry collaboration.


Maja Milić | 2021 | 19:55 | Croatia | various formats

Invisible social structures. The poetry of mentality. The subconscious of banality. "Other" has no beginning or end, and is made up of re-filmed and restructured fragments originating from trashed 8mm home movies (60-80's, Yugoslavia) and field recordings of partial everyday street dialogues rewritten in texts, both (still) self-collected and self-archived.

Those deconstructed documents are put in seemingly random, sometimes self-reflexive, correlations, which explore an individualized, diary-style relation to (auto)ethnographic and historic vision that doesn't aim at storytelling, but goes down to question the ontology of the image itself, as well as preconceived concepts of history, (collective) memory, archive. It's division in 4 parts signifies the concepts of these correlations: content with image structure, landscape / territory with (non)identity / gestures, image content with voiceover content, observation with contemplation on the medium.


International Festival

of Analog / Experimental Cinema

Belgrade, Serbia