1.12.2019. / 20:00 / KVAKA 22

EndFrame(s) is an exhibition of analog photographs which are created in the rift of imaginary and cinematically suggestive.  Selection of “enlarged” and perforated images illustrate the last shot of a film, magically transposed from the imagination of a photographer (in the role of a director) into the oneiric world of the viewer, and point at the very nature of a photograph as a possible film frame / scene removed from its original context.

These end frames are akin to the excerpts from films which could be a part of the rich history of experimental cinema, touching upon themes found in abstract cinema, collage animation, landscape film and mystical instances. The exhibition is atmospherically complemented by the sound of a film tape leaving the projector in its last frame...

Photos by : Darko Ilić, Dina Radović, Milica Nikolić, Svetlana Mladenović, Vladimir Ilić, Elizabeta Petković, Jelena Perišić, Nikola Gocić, Vladimir Stajić, Boris Mirkov, Olivera Inđić, Miodrag Bazdar, Viktorija Jovanović. 

from left to right : photos by Darko Ilić ('Devadasi of Khajuraho'), Elizabeta Petković ('Untitled'), Nikola Gocić ('Das Nachwort')