Grand Prix

"Alizava" - Andrius Žemaitis

Alizava pays homage to the Russian masters of slow, poetic cinema such as Tarkovsky, Sokurov and Lopushansky. Yet it remains a small unique world unto itself, an autonomous one where time, location and characters are trapped forever. It combines the traditional art-house fragmented narrative structures with a dash of science fiction and horror cinema but doesn’t overdo it. It keeps an exquisite balance to pose questions rather than providing answers ultimately. To suggest drama, catastrophe and events rather than assuring a resolution. An extended and stretched filmic haiku.

*** Awarded by the jury: Rouzbeh Rashidi, Miro Frakić and Višeslav Radenković

Curator Award

"The Big Headed Boy, Shamans and Samurais" - Bibhusan Basnet and Pooja Gurung

"A film of binary structure, but powerful as a whole; at once a document of creative process, and an impressionist portrait of people who still live on the margins of the modernized world; a personal meditation on art and socially conscious anthropological experiment, this year's winner of the curators' award is - unanimously - The Big Headed Boy, Samurais and Shamans."

* Awarded by the curatorial team: Marko Milićević, Ejla Kovačević, Aleksandra Dalichow and Nikola Gocić

Special Mention (ex-aequo)

"The Lost Record" - Ian F Svenonius & Alexandra Cabral

"The Lost Record “by Ian F Svenonius & Alexandra Cabral uses clever didactics with catchy tunes to meticulously construct a vision of a retro inspired conformist utopia. “The Lost Record” plays as a situationist film essay under the guise of a satirical rock’n’roll operetta which exposes underlining commodification process in a consumerist society."

*Awarded by the jury: Rouzbeh Rashidi, Miro Frakić and Višeslav Radenković

"Other" by Maja Milić

"Our Special Mention goes to a film which instantly won us over with its permutations and reflections of the local context, the landscapes found in people, be it somewhere in the inland regions or by the sea. The film OTHER by Maja Milić takes a look at our collective past through charmingly nostalgia-tinted glasses, while tackling the Yugoslav (and other) identity, recontextualizing a variety of related motifs. Her incessant breaking, dismantling and even appropriating rich materials from our parents as well as their parents, our ancestors, finds joy and life at the every edge, beyond political constructs."

*  Awarded by the jury: Rouzbeh Rashidi, Miro Frakić and Višeslav Radenković

Best Original Soundtrack

"The Tooth of Time " - Schbert, Timo Jannson, Hannu Nieminen

"For the music that not only acts as an integral part of the images we see, but perfectly reflects all kinds of experiments with celulloid, for the rhythm whose speed is the same as the speed of life, but also for the incredible strength and joy of heart and rhythm that pulsates despite the relentless passing of time, the award for the best soundtrack goes to Schbert, Timo Jansson, Hannu Nieminen, for The Tooth of Time by Hannu Nieminen."

* Awarded by the curatorial team: Ejla Kovačević, Aleksandra Dalichow, Marko Milićević and Nikola Gocić

Best Live Soundtrack/Audience Award

Filip Stojiljković and Aleksandar Jevremović (Weareallslaves and Traumator)

for "Images of the Mystical Simposion" by Milan Milosavljević

"In Ancient Greece symposion was a form of a drinking party, and nowadays a conference or a meeting of experts discussing a certain topic. On Kinoskop, this mystical simposion has metamorphosed into an orgy of dark bacchanalies, carnal desires and ritualistic atmosphere, embodied by the sounds made by Weareallslaves and Traumator."

* Awarded by Ejla Kovačević, Rouzbeh Rashidi, Miro Frakić and Nikola Gocić