Grand Prix (ex-aequo) 

"Crowned and Conquering" - Zareh Tjeknavorian

“Plunging us into the aural psychedelic ambient of Popol Vuh, Zareh Tjeknavorian lulls us into the state of a weightless mystical dream. His allegorical visions appear to open time-space wormholes through which we are transposed into the mythical dimension, as the reality dissolves in the tears of Horus.”

"16mm Selfie" - Karan Talwar

Karan Talwar’s 16mm Selfie employs a classical avant-garde approach to the film collage, with a very original use of the found footage and feverish editing, reminiscent of a music video. This rebelliously intoned take on (contemporary) narcissism is underpinned with a great score by Sofia Thenmozhi Ashraf and Suprateek Chatterjee.”

Best OST

"Motion at a Distance" - Andrew Yong Hoon Lee

“Motion at a Distance” by Lindsay Packer, with sound by Andrew Yong Hoon Lee is reminiscent of a visual painting or visual music – sculpted in the cinematic way, combining the dance of light and shadows in a stop-motion movement. Atmosphere of the short is synaesthetic and intoxicating, with the organic ambient score being particularly lush and blissful. “

Audience Award (ex-aequo)

"Commission” - Ieva Balode

"Deep Waters" - Alice Heit

Cine - Thingamajig Award

"Universal Ear : The Curse of the Phantom Tympanum" - Graeme Cole

* Award is based on the strongest ovations recorded by our BIG OVA (ovation-o-meter)